millowh (millowh) wrote,

About #arashionthisday tweet

In last few months I'm kinda bored with Arashi, or maybe Arashi fandom. Maybe I'm too old to deal with fandom. Dunno.
I'm losing interest in Arashi gradually. However, when I make tweet #arashionthisday I get interested in Arashi again.
Then, something happened. Someone kinda bothered with that tweet. Not in negative way, actually. She just doesn't want our tweet to overlap, just like what I thought when I start to make #arashionthisday tweet. Knowing that, I lost interest in tweeting #arashionthisday. That problem kinda give me an excuse to go hiatus from this fandom. Considering how moody I am, I could get back in fandom in a week or a month. However, there's possibility that I'll go hiatus for a long long time, or maybe for good.
I'm not sure if anyone's looking forward to #arashionthisday tweet but I'll say it. I'm gonna stop tweeting #arashionthisday. For anyone who has liked my tweets with #arashionthisday hashtag, THANK YOU.
By the way, that hashtag isn't mine so if you want to tweet arashi flashback with that hashtag, GO AHEAD.
Bye bye.
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