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When Mr Kaist Counting

I just finished watching Wise Prison Life last night and lurking around in Twitter searching about it. Then, I found a tweet that mention Mr. Kaist counting in three languanges. I didn't pay attention when I watched it. After seeing the screencap, I realize that he indeed counting in three languanges.

The first number he mention is NI (two, Japanese).
ER (two, Chinese)
SAN (three, Chinese, [it could also be three in Japanese])
SI (four, Chinese)
GO (five, Japanese)
ROKU (six, Japanese)
SHICHI (seven, Japanese)
HACHI (eight, Japanese)
NINE (nine in English, obviously)
TEN (duh, we know it's English)

After watching him counting, I found another fact: his counting start from TWO.
At first, I thought it's a mistake made by subbers. Maybe it should be YI (one in Chinese) since three numbers that followed it is in Chinese. Maybe the subbers misheard it and thought it's NI. However, I assumed subbers translate it from Korean transcript,not based on listening only, so the possibility of the subbers making that kind of mistake is really low.

That means, he really start counting from TWO. He mention number two twice. First, two in Japanese, then two in Chinese. Is that supposed to be a joke too? Because I need to rewatch that episode to realize it.

By the way, listening Kaist counting in three foreign languanges with his lisp is ridicuously hillarious. He said "ni er tan te go loku titi hati nine ten".
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