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If Arashi Members Exchange Place

Arashi got question about who is other Arashi they want to exchange place with in VS Arashi 20150730.
Kanjiya: If you can exchange place with other Arashi member for one day, whom do you want to exchange with?
Jun: It's hard
Jun: My (choice) is riidaa

Jun: The reason is I just don't like things like dawdling. Of course he draws picture, goes fishing, he has hobbies, but, in when he's in green room he just stays like this.

Nino: Next to TV, he's facing the same direction with TV

Sho: In the noon, from Ando Yuko, Takahashi Katsumi, Ohno Satoshi, they're in line.

Ohno: Conversely, I (choose) Matsujun. He has a lot of clothes, doesn't he? He seems like (someone who) will be troubled about his outfit in the morning before going to work.

Haranishi: You're never troubled about your outfit?
Ohno: Never

Aiba: I think (I'll choose) Sho-chan. His way to breakdown his private schedule is no joke, right. I don't break down my private schedule. If Sho-chan break it down, maybe I will feel like one day is spent meaningfully like supposedly more than one day. *not sure if I translate Aiba's words correctly*

Sho: You'll be tired

Sho: I'm tired of myself

I don't wanna do it, really

Sho: Maybe (I wan't to exchange with) Nino
Nino: Ah, do you?
Audience: Eeeeeh!
Nino's reaction to the "Eeeeh!"

Sho: The noise is a bit rude
He's great you know. He's always playing game
Kanjiya: Today, his eyes are red
I'm not sure what Sho said, but I guess he's talking about when Arashi doing documentary. Concert documentary? Dunno.
Sho:  He's playing while listening to conversation. I think, "How does he use his brain?"

Sho: Lastly, Nino
Nino: Maybe (I wan't to exchange with) Aiba-san
Riidaa, (doing) like drawing or fishing, J doing shopping, Sho-san breaking down his schedule, we've known their character, right. Only that person who is misterious in his day off.

I think it's in summer (Nino said Natsugata so I guess he's talking about summer), I was dring my car casually, he's walking in town.

Aiba: Of course I walk in town
Nino: I thought, "Ah, it's Aiba-san. However, he wear camo shawl to this part *putting his hand above is nose

Nino: He meet someone that looks like me in convenience store, that person is is reading porn book, while saying "What the hell are you doing?" Aiba hit him suddenly. Then he knew it's different person, "I'm sorry". There are a lot of people here so it become anecdote. However, I'm afraid of that. I'm a person who like to check everything. So I want to try to be Aiba.


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